Surpassing Energy Targets through Efficient Public Buildings

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The Metropolitan Association of Upper Silesia (GZM) is a voluntary inter-borough association, in the most urbanised part of Silesia Voivodeship. The main goal of GZM is preparation and implementation of a common development strategy for member cities.

Metropolitan Association of Upper Silesia (Poland)

Silesia Metropolis is a polycentric system of 14 cities, with similar economic, social, spatial and functional characteristics, as well as infrastructural connections. Industrial cities in this are face a complex process of socio-economic transformation into modern, environmentally-friendly and knowledge-based economies. Experience in this field of is low, but is a priority within GZM’s remit in support of local governments.

GZM will involve local stakeholders (e.g. Local Energy Policy Commission – comprising of representatives of 14 cities, Euro Centrum Science and Technology Park) in project activities and promote awareness among public authorities. The outputs of the project will support the cities in establishing local strategic documents in the field of energy efficiency and for Metropolis Silesia to establish strategic documents on the tier of Metropolis. GZM’s structure and legal entitlement allows for influence on local policies, especially in the 14 member cities. Communication can be done on the everyday basis, through contact between 14 town halls and GZM’s office and the general assembly gathering politicians from 14 cities. The mayors of the cities are among direct stakeholders of the project, and will be provided with direct information on the project’s progress, thus allowing them to make decisions on applying know-how to city policies.

SERPENTE project will bring real benefit to GZM, in terms of increased knowledge and implementation of initiatives promoting energy efficiency in public buildings for the good of the local communities and in the area. The project will provide the 14 cities with necessary knowledge to elaborate
strategic documents in the field of energy efficiency.

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