Surpassing Energy Targets through Efficient Public Buildings

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The government programme of Barcelona Provincial Council has a main objectives to promote balanced, sustainable land management and quality public space and to limit effects of human activity on global warming. It provides a course of action on mitigation of climate change and sustainability, which focuses on energy efficiency improvements.

Diputacio de Barcelona (Spain)

Two provincial work programmes (EURONET 50/50 and ERDIBA) have developed projects to improve energy efficiency in school buildings, other public buildings and local government offices. Over two years Barcelona Provincial has achieved significant savings in emissions and consumption and have been able to draw conclusions for continuous process improvement.

The law allows Barcelona Provincial Council to provide support to local councils to achieve sustainability related goals. To this end, Barcelona Provincial Council collaborates with the 311 councils, covering an area of 7,719km2 and a population of 5,416,000 inhabitants. The relationship between provincial and council levels can be of an ordinary administrative or voluntary cooperative nature. In this second order, Barcelona Provincial Council and local authorities collaborate in a network system, with peer exchanges through the Barcelona-Network of Local Councils.

Between 2010 and 2012 Barcelona Provincial Council will invest €500M in improving energy use in council buildings, with the obligation to ensure the best possible management of this process. Growing knowledge of management and coordination of local governments, with private and financial partnerships, can be of added value to other SERPENTE partners. Experience in management and new technology from other areas will benefit the Provincial Council, helping ongoing review and investment options. Local governments can benefit from the construction of a decentralised and democratic model of energy conservation and energy production, with greater independence from major suppliers and closer to public interest.

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