Surpassing Energy Targets through Efficient Public Buildings

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The Centre Urbain (founded in 1988) is an information centre for urban sustainable development in the Brussels region. We are responsible for actions in the field of sustainable housing, green buildings, heritage, retrofitting, energy savings and management, acoustics of housing and town planning. The target public is mainly Brussels inhabitants and professionals.

The Centre Urbain (Belgium)

Activities are mainly focused on the Information Centre, but include also buildings auditing, training activities, conferences and publications for professional and citizens. This includes a practical and technical advice function for local administrations (divided in 19 local communities). The team is composed of 20 staff members, including architects, engineers, heritage specialists, urban planners, lawyers and sociologists. Information given are spread from technical architecture or engineering advice to practical sociology or heritage conservation knowledge. As an indirect regional subsidiary, Centre Urbain has a permanent feedback influence on practical regional policies with a specific focus on the implementation of financial incentive policies.

Le Centre Urbain is the first gateway in helping new project managers to apply for the “Exemplary Buildings” competition, as a technical and administrative assistance. We’re helping Regional stakeholders to revise criteria, to get background from the field.

Our expectations from Serpente:

Trough this project we would like to increase our professional network on two levels, local and European. On one hand we think that this project should allow us to increase our competencies and expertise in energy efficiency for public buildings. Thereby, while improving skills of the staff, we would like to develop cooperation with related existing projects such as PLAGE. As a result, our recognition towards public authorities will be consolidate. On the other hand, we hope that this project will establish a solid partnership for future projects. Considering the strength of experience exchanges and the work that will be done on good practices, we will gain in knowledge of the European context in regard to energy efficiency for public buildings. This transfer of knowledge and experiences are key elements for the success and durability of the project.

Contact detials:

  • Guillaume Amand
    send an email, Tel: +32 2 227 42 61
  • Yanitza Grantcharska
    send an email, Tel: +32 2 227 42 68
  • Boulevard d'Anvers 24, Antwerpselaan B-1000 Bruxelles - Brussel

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