Surpassing Energy Targets through Efficient Public Buildings

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The principle aim of ALEC is to lump together local actors in order to implement a local energy management policy, in line with both national and European plans and indications. The Department of Gironde, the Regional Council of Aquitaine and the regional delegation of ADEME are key partners in this project, in collaboration with the Urban Community of Bordeaux. These three big local governments and Regional Direction for Energy Efficiency and Environment Agency constitute the founder members of the Local Energy Agency and the major representative of its management board to ensure conformity with their policy.

ALEC – Métropole Bordelaise & Gironde (France)

The Agency’s main area of expertise concerns the reduction of fossil fuels consumption and greenhouse gases emissions through improvement of energy efficiency in buildings and transports and through encouraging the use of renewable energy. The principle target audience of these initiatives is local governments, social housing companies, local firms and consumer groups. The agency has a major role in developing and implementing energy action plans (Climate and Energy Territorial Plan and Sustainable Energy Action Plan for Covenant of Mayors) on the territory. Moreover it is naturally and regularly consulted for any question relative to energy issues by the 3 big local governments. It is also asked to be a driving force to enhance energy efficiency policy for any stakeholder.

Expectations :

As a local energy agency established under the Intelligent Energy Europe program, ALEC first focused on the energy balance of the Urban Community of Bordeaux. This work lead to a scenario “factor 4” where the building sector, representing 43% of energy consumption, is a major element and means to reduce energy consumption by 10600 toe each year. This long term planning first consists in building a GIS tool referencing needs and resources (begun in 2010) and integrating technical and technological aspects, as well as financial, economical, managing, social, governance and political aspects. Energy planning toward factor 4 concerns a huge range of buildings where EU exchange will be relevant and useful.

ALEC activities also concern small cities of the department, interested in energy saving on their properties on a voluntary basis. Building typologies range in characteristics, uses and management. In this case, Agency assistance concerns energy management through consumption balance of the
property, technical advice and awareness raising. ALEC can share experience of achieved actions plans and through the project hopes to establish long term cooperation agreements with small EU cities. Social housing is gaining importance in agency’s activity. ALEC proposes to coordinate a sub-group on this topic in the aim to bring added value at both local and European level. The agency is also expecting to implement a local pilot project showing the relevance of one of good practices evaluated in the frame of Serpente.

  • ALEC – métropole bordelaise & Gironde
    30 cours Pasteur, 33000 BORDEAUX, FRANCE
    Tel.: +33 5 56 00 60 27, fax +33 5 56 24 75 54,
  • Valérie Degrange, Communication & European manager
    send an email, Tel.: +33 5 56 00 53 38
  • Aude Rosener, Energy Engineer
    send an email, Tel.: +33 5 56 00 53 35
  • François Menet-Haure, Director
    send an email, Tel.: +33 5 56 00 53 36
  • Isabelle Rami, Executive assistant
    send an email, Tel.: +33 5 56 00 60 27

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