Surpassing Energy Targets through Efficient Public Buildings

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Agenzia Fiorentina per l’Energia (AFE) promotes management of energy demand, rational energy use, exploitation of renewables, use of green products/technologies, capacity building and improved local energy policy.

Florentine Energy Agency (Italy)

AFE has a direct impact on public energetic end environmental policy across Tuscany. It provides advice, technical support (e.g. building certification; training, on-site controls) and input to local policy for public administrations.

For example:
1. Through providing strategic direction to local entities in developing and implementing Energy and Environment Plans. AFE wrote the Energy and Environmental Plan of the Province of Florence and of 2 of its largest councils (Sesto, Scandicci); AFE is now involved in their implementation and in
designing other councils’ plans.
2. AFE collaborates with Energy Agencies in Tuscany and with the Regione Toscana within working groups on energy policy.
3. AFE has been charged by the Province of Florence to support the Covenant of Mayorsinitiatives.
4. AFE involves stakeholders/citizens in a bottom up approach to policy making, helped by intensive media coverage at national level.

AFE will bring 10 years of policy and practical experience to SERPENTE and will benefit from an analysis of EU best practices on the theme.Services related to SERPENTE include energy audit and energy efficiency interventions on public buildings, input to energy elements in local town planning
and building regulation and green public procurement.

SERPENTE will help Tuscan local entities to achieve the objectives of the Covenant of Mayors.AFE has extensive project management experience at regional level.This includes coordinating and mediating between needs and priorities of the local councils.

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