Surpassing Energy Targets through Efficient Public Buildings

Recommended institutions

EGEC, the European Geothermal Energy Council

EGEC, the European Geothermal Energy Council, was founded in 1998 as an international non-profit association in Brussels. Its office is based nearby the European Institutions in the Renewable Energy House.

EGEC has now more than 120 members from 27 European countries: private companies, national associations, consultants, research centers, geological surveys and other public authorities.

EGEC is a member of EREC, the European Renewable Energy Council, which groups together all main European renewable energy industry and research associations. EGEC is also a member of the International Geothermal Association (IGA).

The aim of our organization is to promote the use of geothermal energy, as follows:

  • In priority, By exercising appropriate actions among European institutions to implement a legal and institutional framework and financial instruments allowing geothermal sources to compete with conventional energy systems, and to secure economic support in consideration of the environmental benefits.
  • By encouraging R&D in the field of geothermal utilization of the existing resources in Europe and allowing the public at large to access to the R&D results and maximize the utilization of this renewable energy.
  • By conducting any activity which is intended to promote the market deployment of geothermal energy in Europe and the export of European geothermal technology, services and equipment to other parts of the world.
  • By representing the interests of the European geothermal energy industry and users to governments and international organizations, with a view to improving business conditions for the industry.
  • By co-operating with national and international geothermal associations, and with any other associations promoting research on and application of renewable energy sources, in order to join forces to achieve successful development and implementation in the field of geothermal energy use throughout Europe, and to foster Inter-European cooperation.

More information you can find on EGOC website: