Surpassing Energy Targets through Efficient Public Buildings

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Co2olBrics project

The main goal of Co2olBricks' project is to identify the best measures to rationalise energy consumption and to reduce CO2 emission without destroying buildings’ historical values, especially their external brick facades. This is the Co2olBricks' way to approach to the objectives of Lisbon, Gothenburg and Europe 2020 Strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

18 partners from 9 countries such as Belarus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russian Federation and Sweden cooperate within this project. Swedish partner - represented by City of Malmo - is a common one both for Co2olBricks and  SERPENTE project.

Within network building Polish partner of the Co2olBricks' - the European Foundation for Monuments Protection from Gdańsk (EFOZ) – was invited to regional stakeholder meeting of Seprente project organized by Metropolitan Association of Upper Silesia, in Katowice, on 11 December 2012. President of the Foundation emphasised that many public buildings in Poland were classified as monuments, therefore two opposite approaches have been confronted/have existed:  to protect the monument for future generations preserving its as original form as possible or to include historical buildings into the common process of energy efficiency increase? If so, how achieve the satisfactory energy effect satisfying all requirements of historical monuments’ protection and without destroying their historic value?

President of the Foundation Aleksandra Kociałkowska also underlined the importance of broad information exchange for Integration of different actors involved in the renovation and thermomodernisation processes, such as: monument curator, architect, contractor, user. It is a precondition of the successful refurbishment of the historical building and proper conduct of the whole improvement process..

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